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Principal Planner:                       Sherri Metzker 

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Senior Planner:                          Jessica Lynch 

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Ike Njoku

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                                                      Eric Lee

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                                                   Cathy Camacho

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Planning Tech: 

Tom Callinan

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Closed until April 7th, 2020






The Planning Division provides the community with current and long range planning services to maintain and enhance the City as a safe, vital and attractive community.

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Planning Forms and Handouts 

Current Planning

Current planning provides information on development policies and standards including General Plan, specific plans, zoning, subdivision regulations and design guidelines. The staff reviews development permit applications which involve environmental and historic preservation reviews, neighborhood contacts, and staff reports to city commissions and City Council. Staff to the Planning Commission. 

Long Range Planning

Long Range Planning involves the update and maintenance of the General Plan, area plans and special research projects. Current efforts with community engagement include:

Zoning Information

Planning Documents

General and Specific Plans

Design Guidelines


Transportation Planning 

General Information