What is Open Space?

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Open space means land in a predominantly natural state or altered for natural resources-based uses (i.e., farming) and may include, but is not limited to, riparian habitat, agricultural lands, grassland and upland habitat, wetlands, and agricultural buffers.  


Types of Open Space in and Around Davis

  • Farm land 
  • Riparian habitat
  • Grassland and upland habitat
  • Wetlands
  • Agricultural buffers

Benefits of Open Space

  • Preserves wildlife habitat
  • Provides recreational opportunities
  • Preserves farm land
  • Preserves view corridors and scenery
  • Provides separation between urbanized areas
  • Manages the urban expansion
  • Preserves land for future generations
  • Maintains ecosystem connectivity
  • Supports pollinator and wildlife corridors
  • Protects endangered and threatened species
  • Enhances sustainability