Wasserman Farm

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The Wasserman Farm agricultural conservation easement protects agricultural land and more than 10 acres of the Willow Slough riparian corridor and Swainson's Hawk habitat.


The property is privately owned. The conservation easement was acquired by the City of Davis and the Yolo Land Trust in 2008.


80 acres.

Open space benefits:

This property is characterized by prime farmland, reliable water sources, and significant pressure to convert to rural residential land uses.Willow Slough bisects the property from east to west and the easement protects 10.5 acres of the riparian corridor. The riparian corridor provides wildlife habitat for both common and protected wildlife species, including nesting and foraging habitat for Swainson’s hawk.

Public accessibility:

The property is not publicly accessible.


The property is located approximately three miles north of the City of Davis on the east side of County Road 99 and north of the County Road 28 alignment (near Willow Slough).