North Davis Riparian Corridor (North Davis Ditch)

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The North Davis Riparian Corridor (North Davis Ditch) was constructed to divert storm water from West Davis and North Davis into a storm water channel that flows through the city and ultimately into the Willow Slough Bypass. In 2013 and 2014, the corridor was revitalized using state grant funds (Proposition 84) to create a functioning riverine landscape, providing ecological benefits for wildlife, urban residents and adjacent farmland. The revitalization project was collaboration among the Putah Creek Council (lead), the City of Davis, the Sacramento Tree Foundation, the Center for Land-Based Learning, and community volunteers.


The City of Davis owns this property in fee title.


About 20 acres.

Open space benefits:

The revitalization project restored wildlife habitat and increased biodiversity by re-establishing riparian habitat along 1.25 miles of this storm water channel. The U-shaped drainage channel is a popular hiking area that has dirt trails on both sides of the channel from Sycamore Lane to F Street.There is also a paved path that parallels the drainage through most of North Davis with access locations at many residential cul-de-sacs.

Public accessibility:

This property is publicly accessible.


This property meanders along the City’s northern edge between Sycamore Lane and F Street.