Julie Partansky Pond (North Davis Pond)

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North Davis Pond


The Julie Partansky Pond, named after a former mayor for the City of Davis, is a storm water retention basin in North Davis.


The City of Davis owns this property in fee title.


About 29 acres.

Open space benefits:

The pond provides important seasonal wetland habitat and year-round wildlife habitat for many plant and animal species, especially native birds. The pond also provides recreational benefits (walking, biking, wildlife viewing).

Public accessibility:

The pond area itself is not publicly accessible and is enclosed by a security fence. However, there is a paved path that runs along the perimeter of the pond, and also a wooden boardwalk that allows visitors to walk into the pond area.


The pond is located at 202 Lindo Place, next to Northstar Park, near the intersection of Anderson Road and F Street.