Grasslands Regional Park

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Grasslands Regional Park, deeded to Yolo County in 1972, was originally part of McClellan Air Force Base and was used for air force radio communication operations for the Pacific Region. Grasslands Regional Park is a multi-use park that includes picnic areas and nature trails, archery ranges, a large horseshoe play area, a model airplane flying site, wildlife viewing, and a dog park.


Yolo County owns this property in fee title.


323 acres.

Open space benefits:

The park includes vernal pools, seasonal wetlands and grasslands that provide vital habitat for a variety of plants and wildlife, including state and federally protected species such as vernal pool fairy shrimp, Swainson’s hawk, and one of the last known populations of Solano grass. Valley oaks were planted by volunteers in the 1990s and, more recently, 65 acres were set aside for a burrowing owl preserve as part of a conservation agreement with the City of Davis. The park also offers a variety of recreational benefits, such as wildlife viewing, hiking, picnicking, archery, horseshoes and model airplane flying.

Public accessibility:

This property is publicly accessible. Public access is restricted in some of the more sensitive habitat areas.


This property is located at 30475 County Road 104 (Mace Blvd) about 3.5 miles south of Davis.