Local Open Spaces

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There are many open space areas in and around Davis that are available to visit and enjoy.  These areas include farm land under agricultural and/or habitat conservation easements, riparian corridors, grasslands, storm water retention basins/wetlands, and agricultural buffers.  Many of these areas include walking/biking trails and opportunities for bird-watching and wildlife viewing.  However, some of these areas remain private property and are not publicly accessible.  The City's Open Space Program actively manages about 220 acres of City-owned open space.  For an introductory overview of these spaces, and how City staff manage them, please click here.

Listed below you can find short summaries of the key agricultural and habitat conservation easement areas and the key natural and semi-natural open spaces located in and around Davis. 

Key Agricultural and Habitat Conservation Easements

 Key Natural and Semi-Natural Open Space Areas


To see these properties on an interactive map, where you can see the best places to hike, bike, canoe, or go bird-watching, view the City of Davis’ interactive map for open space.

Being a Responsible Open Space Visitor

Photo Galleries

To view photos of open spaces in and around the Davis area, click here, or to view some of the scenic view corridors around Davis, click here.