Project Plans and Materials

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Sterling 5th Street Apartments 

Updated Plans for Reduced Project (160 market-rate units and 38 affordable units)
01 Cover Index Page 
02 Site Plan 
03 Project Data Tables 
04 Sterling Apts. - Building Floor Plans 
05 Sterling Apts. - Unit Plans 
06 Sterling Apts. - Elevations 
07 Sterling Clubhouse Bldg. - Floor and Elevations 
08 Affordable-Bldg. - Floor-Plans 
09 Affordable Bldg. - Unit-Plans 
10 Affordable Bldg. - Elevations 
11 Sterling Apts. - Color-Elevations 
12 Affordable Bldg. - Color Elevations 
13 Visual Simulation-Southwest 
14 Visual Simulation-Southeast 
15 Line of Sight Exhibit 
16 Conceptual Landscaping 
17 Parking Shading Exhibit 
18 Bike Parking and Circulation Exhibit 
19 Tree Removal Exhibit 
20 Tentative Parcel Map and Improvement Plans
21 Existing Conditions Exhibit 

Security Plan Measures 

Rezone and General Plan Exhibits
Rezone Exhibit
General Plan Land Use Exhibit 

Sustainability Implementation Plan (revised 03/13/17)
Prelim Drainage Study (12/11/15) 
Sustainability Calculations (12/8/15) 
Arborist Report (7/23/15) 

Additional reports are included in the Appendices in the Draft EIR.

Plans for Original Proposal (203 market-rate units and 41 affordable units)
Overall Project Site Plan (01/19/16) 
Project Data Tables
Market Rate Building Plan and Elevations 
Market Rate Unit Floor Plans
Affordable Building Floor Plans and Elevations 
Elevations and Clubhouse (12/11/15)
Landscape Concept Plan (11/28/16)
Parking Lot Shading and Bike Circulation
Existing Tree Removal Plan
Grading, Drainage, Utility, Parcel Map (02/07/17)
View Looking Southwest 
View Looking Southeast