Sterling 5th Street Apartments EIR

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Environmental Review

Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) - January 2017

The Final EIR which includes comments received on the Draft EIR, responses to comments, and other information was completed in January 2017.  

Final EIR (10 MB)

Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) - September 2016

45-day public comment period on the Sterling 5th Street Apartments Project Draft EIR commences on September 15, 2016 and ends October 31, 2016.  Notice of Availability (NOA) of the DEIR and public comment period.

Public meetings are scheduled for the Planning Commission (10/12/16) and BTSSC (10/13/16) to review and comment on the DEIR and a community meeting (9/29/16) will be held by staff to provide information on the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and EIR process. See combined Meeting Notice.

DRAFT EIR Sections
0.0 Cover Page
0.0 Table of Contents
0.0 Executive Summary
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Project Description

Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures 
3.1 Aesthetics and Visual Resources
3.2 Air Quality
3.3 Biological Resources
3.4 Cultural Resources
3.5 Geology, Soils, and Mineral Resources
3.6 Greenhouse Gases, Climate Change, and Energy
3.7 Hazards and Hazardous Materials
3.8 Hydrology and Water Quality
3.9 Land Use
3.10 Noise and Vibration
3.11 Population and Housing
3.12 Public Services and Recreation
3.13 Transportation and Circulation
3.14 Utilities

4.0 Other CEQA-Required Topics
5.0 Alternatives to the Project
6.0 Report Preparers
7.0 References

Appendix A - Comments Received Regarding the Notice of Preparation
Appendix B - Air Quality, Greenhouse Gas, and Energy Modeling
Appendix C - Biological Resources Memo
Appendix D - Environmental Noise Assessment
Appendix E - Traffic Impact Analysis

EIR Scoping

April 18, 2016 Scoping Meeting and Notice of Preparation (NOP)
April 7, 2016. A Notice of Preparation (NOP) of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been provided to agencies and general public for input and comments on the scope and content of the Draft EIR. An Initial Study updated April 2016 provides initial background analysis.

Notice of Preparation (NOP) and Scoping Meeting
Initial Study - April 2016

A public Scoping Meeting has been scheduled for Monday April 18, 2016 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. The meeting will be held on the project site at 2100 Fifth Street in the Program Building training room (#E200). All interested members of the public are welcome to attend.

The 30-day review period for public comments on the NOP ends on May 9, 2016. Written comments should be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. Monday May 9, 2016 to the project planner, Eric Lee (

EIR Determination - March 2016. The City has determined that an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will need to be prepared for the project.  The process will include formal notice of the EIR preparation and public scoping meeting prior to its preparation and notice of the Draft EIR for public review and comment upon its completion. This process is expected to occur during the next two to three months.

Extension of MND Public Comment Period to March 14, 2016 - The public comment period for the Initial Study/MND has been extended for an additional 10 days ending on March 14, 2016 to include comments which may be made at the BTSSC meeting.

Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration - January 2016
Notice of Availability (for public comment period from 2/4/16 to 3/4/16)