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Nishi Gateway FEIR

FEIR Appendices

Apdx A Revised AQ Modeling

Apdx B Technical Traffic Data


FEIR Reference Documents

ARB 2005 - Land Use Handbook

Barboza 2014

Barnes 2015

Cahill et al 2011a

Cahill et al 2011b 

Cahill et al 2011c

Cahill et al 2014

Caltrans 2014

Nishi Gateway DEIR 

Nishi Gateway Sustainability Implementation Plan

The Echowater EIR is too large to upload to this site but is available for review or on CD at the Office of Community Development and Sustainability. As a courtesy to the reader, an external link to the document is

FHWA 2004

Islam et al 2012

ITE 2004


Sioutas et al 2005


Villavalzo 2014