Davis Live Student Housing

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New 71-unit, 440 bed student housing development. 

Project Narrative - Davis Live 

City Council Hearing August 28, 2018

The City Council will hold a public hearing on the project applications on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. The agenda and staff report will be posted here no later than Friday, August 24.

Attachments and Exhibits for the City Council hearing will be posted on this page the week of August 20 2018 as a courtesy to the reader. Please note that formatting and pagination may not match the official City Clerk documents.

Staff Report, Including recommended action documents

Staff Report


  1. July 25, 2018 Planning Commission Staff Report with all attachments (below)

  2. General Findings of Fact and Conditions of Approval (revised per Planning Commission) (ATTB-Findings-and-Revised-Conditions )

  3. Resolution Adopting CEQA Exemptions (revised per Planning Commission) (ATTC-CEQA-Res)

  4. Resolution of Intent to Adopt General Plan Amendment (revised per Planning Commission) (ATTD-Revised-GPA-Reso)

  5. Ordinance approving the Rezone/Final Planned Development (

  6. Ordinance approving the Development Agreement (revised per Planning Commission) (ATTF-DA-Ordinance-and-DA)

  7. CEQA Exemptions ( and

  8. July 25, 2018 Planning Commission Video (

  9. Comment Letters since Planning Commission Report (Attachment I - Comment letters received after PC Report)

  10. Project Plans (

  11. Revised Landscape Plan (Attachment K - Updated Landscape Plan 8-7-18)

  12. Preliminary Endangerment Assessment (Att L FINAL Oxford PEA_07.18 Final )

Planning Commission Meetings

July 25, 2018
Planning Commission meeting date for reconsideration of the project. The project will be publicly noticed and the agenda and staff report will be posted online on the Planning Commission meeting webpage for that meeting date.

Planning Commission Staff Report and Attachments
PC meeting packet is also available on the PC meeting agenda page at: Agendas and Minutes.

Planning Commission Staff Report 2018-07-25 Davis Live
Attachment 1 - Findings and Conditions - Davis-Live PCSR
Attachment 2 - Resolution Adopting CEQA Exemption
Attachment 3 - Resolution of Intent to Adopt GP Amendment
Attachment 4 - Ordinance Approving Rezone
Attachment 5 - Ordinance Approving Development Agreement
Attachment 6 - Appendix N checklist 
Attachment 7 - Section 21155.1 Analysis
Attachment 8 - SACOG Consistency Letters
Attachment 9 - Transportation Study 062118
Attachment 10 - Arborist Report and Supplemental Exhibit
Attachment 11 - Project Plans
Attachment 12 - Bibliography of Car Share Data
Attachment 13 - BTSSC Minutes 2018 May 10
Attachment 14 - SSC Minutes 2018 May 21 
Attachment 15 - HRMC Minutes 2017 October 16
Attachment 16 - Comment Letters
Attachment 17 - Responses to Comment Letters

June 27, 2018.
The June 27, 2018 Planning Commission meeting to reconsider the project was postponed to provide additional time for project analysis and accompanying information. It is tentatively rescheduled for July 25, 2018 meeting. 

May 23, 2018
Planning Commission meeting on the Davis Live Project. 

Project Plans
A1.00 Title Sheet 
C1.01 Civil Site 
L1.01 Planting
A1.01 Architectural Site Plan
A1.02 Building Code and Unit Mix
A1.03 Site Context
A1.04 Shadow Study
A1.05 Vicinity May and Photo Key
A2.00 Unit Plans
A2.01 Unit Plans
A3.00 Building Plan-Level 1
A3.01 Building Plan-Level 2
A3.02 Building Plan-Level 3
A3.03 Building Plan-Level 4
A3.04 Building Plan-Level 5
A3.05 Building Plan-Level 6
A3.06 Building Plan-Level 7
A4.00 Exterior Elevations
A4.01 Building Sections
A4.02 Colored Elevations
A9.00 Perspective Renderings
A9.01 Perspective Renderings
A9.02 Perspective Renderings

Davis Live Rendering