B Street Residences

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(820-822 B Street)

“B Street Residences” is the redevelopment of two adjacent parcels located at 820 B Street and 822 B Street.  The parcels are zoned Residential Garden Apartment (R-3-M).  Each lot contains an existing single-family dwelling that will be demolished. The two lots will be merged into a single parcel for the development of a three-story multi-family building of approximately 15,749 square feet, containing 11 rental units consisting of six one-bedroom units and five two-bedroom units.  The project will provide one very-low income affordable unit.  All units will feature built-in laundry; private outdoor patio with built-in bench and garden boxes for lower floors and balcony for upper floors: individual bicycle storage units; and shared outdoor common space and amenities.  All units would be accessible. An elevator will provide access to the upper floors.  The project will provide 13 on-site vehicle parking spaces. Vehicular access to the site would be from a private gated driveway off B Street.    
Under state law the project is entitled to increased density and incentives for providing affordable housing.  Under this provision, based on providing one very low income unit, the project receives a 20 percent density bonus that increases the maximum number of units allowed on the site from 9 to 11. The project is also eligible for one incentive, which the applicant is utilizing to modify the rear yard setback from a minimum of 25 feet required under the R-3 
zoning to 22 feet.  

Project Site Plan and Architectural Details

A1_SITE PLAN_B St Residences_20170201

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L1_LANDSCAPE PLANS_B ST Residences_20161214

L2_LANDSCAPE PLANS_B ST Residences_20161214

L3_LANDSCAPE PLANS_B ST Residences_20161214

Building Elevations

Northwest Elevation

Southwest Elevation 

Additional Project Information

Arborist Report

Summary of Public Outreach Efforts

Staff Reports

Staff reports for Planning Commission on June 14, 2017 and City Council on July 18, 2017 are posted here.