1111 Richards Hotel (formerly Embassy Suites)

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1111 Richards Boulevard

July 2017 Update

 The Planning Commission approved the revised project on June 28, 2017. The approved project includes up to 110 rooms, approximately 6,500 square feet of meeting room area, and courtyard. No appeal was submitted, so the Planning Commission's decision is final. The property owner has stated an intention to begin demolition and construction in autumn 2017. 

June 2017 Proposed Revisions

 In June 2017, the property owner submitted applications to revise the approved entitlements for the hotel at 1111 Richards to a new hospitality concept: the “Tapestry” model from Hilton. The applicant states that “Hotel Eleven11 will be a boutique hotel that offers unique features and services that are flexible and responsive to guest needs.” The revised project would add a 14,000 square foot courtyard that could be used for outdoor events in conjunction with the 3,150 sf meeting room. It also includes four 800-sf hospitality suites which could be used for entertaining, committee meetings, or board meetings. The number of stories would drop from five to four; room counts and parking spaces would be adjusted by approximately 17 percent.

Revised plans and exhibits.

The revised project requires Planning Commission approval of a modified Conditional Use Permit and Site Plan / Architectural Review. Public hearing is scheduled for June 28. Agenda and supporting documents for the meeting are posted here.

The City has received a revised Level 1 floor plan from the applicants for the hotel entitlements at 1111 Richards Boulevard (attached). The revised plan shows an increase in meeting room space from 3,150 square feet to approximately 6,500 square feet. Pre-function (hallway/lobby) space is also increased.

Supplemental Staff Report
Level 1 Floor Plan

March 8, 2017 Planning Commission Public Hearing

On March 8, 2017, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on the Conditional Use Permit and Design Review applications for the revised proposal.  The official agenda and supporting documents are posted here. The Commission approved the applications and no appeal was filed by the end of the appeal period.


January 2017 Proposed Revisions


 In January 2017, the property owner submitted applications for revisions to the proposed hotel conference facility at 1111 Richards Boulevard. The proposal retains 132 guest rooms/suites, reduces the conference and pre-function space to a total of 4,443 square feet, reduces building height from six to five stories, and provides surface parking rather than structured.

Planning Commission public hearing is tentatively scheduled for March, 2017.


Application narrative


City Council Public Hearing August 25, 2015

The City Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the project applications at its meeting on Tuesday, August 25, 2015.  The agenda and staff report will be posted here approximately five days before the hearing.

Hotel Initial Study

 IS AQ Attachments

IS Traffic Impact Analysis

IS Traffic Impact Analysis Appendices

IS CalEEModOuputs 

Plans and Drawings

Environmental Review Initiated

In 2001, the Redevelopment Agency Board authorized consultant contracts for environmental review of the proposed hotel / conference facility on Richards Boulevard.  RDA Hotel Conference Facility CEQA Consultant.