Resale Program

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The Resale Program was implemented in 1976 to maintain the quality of housing stock in Davis and to ensure that residential units meet minimum building codes and health, fire, and life-safety regulations.

Residential properties in the City of Davis are subject to the Resale Program and must go through one (1) of the following processes: Inspection or Self-Certification.


Properties with 1, 2, or 3 residential units are subject to the Resale Inspection process. No later than fifteen working days prior to close of escrow transfer of title or change in ownership or end of any inspection period stipulated by the agreement of sale of any unit, the owner, or his/her authorized representative shall submit a completed resale application and applicable fees to the Building Division Office. An inspection date and time will be scheduled upon receipt of the completed application and applicable fees. A written report is issued within 5 working days of completed inspection and/or all necessary information has been received. The report is divided into three sections:

The Resale Report shall remain valid until either the report is validated or 18 months from the inspection date. If there is a sale within those 18 months, one of two things must happen prior to close of sale. Either the seller completes all work necessary and obtains the validated Certificate, or the buyer agrees to complete the Report and obtain the validated Certificate within 90 days of close of escrow. Prior to close of sale, the seller must provide the buyer with a copy of both the Report and this brochure. Prior to close of sale or no later than 5 working days after the close, a copy of Page 1 of the Report that has been signed by the buyer must be submitted to the Building Division office. If there is no sale within those 18 months, one of two things must happen. Either the seller chooses to not complete all Report items and the Report will automatically be voided (Seller must reapply for another inspection prior to any future sale) or the seller completes the process and obtains the validated Resale Certificate. The validated Resale Certificate is valid for 18 months from last resale inspection date or until the property is altered without a permit for which a permit is required.

Resale Program Staff

How do I apply for a Resale Inspection?

The required forms are available at the Planning and Building counter and our website. If a Resale Inspection is required, it can be scheduled at the time you pay the $426.00 single family residence fee ($511.00 duplex, $597 triplex, $85 self cert).

If you mail in your application, please include the check (made payable to the City of Davis) for the appropriate amount. 


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