Police Accountability Commission

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The Police Accountability Commission shall have the responsibilities as provided in this section and such other duties as the Council may, from time to time, decide:

  1. Develop Community Outreach Plan
    • Develop and execute a community outreach plan with input from the Independent Police Auditor.
    • Hold regularly-scheduled meetings and provide notice and an opportunity for community input.  These meetings should be coordinated with various non-profit and/or faith-based groups to assure under-represented or vulnerable groups have a safe space to fully participate.  All meetings will be open to the public.
  2. Provide Input to Audit Davis Police Department Policies, Procedures, and Training
    • Coordinate with the Independent Police Auditor to identify and prioritize topics for Independent Police Auditor auditing. The Independent Police Auditor will conduct the audits but the Davis Police Accountability Commission will provide input and recommendations on prioritization of audits.
  3. Recommend Changes/Improvements to Policy, Procedure, or Training
    • With Independent Police Auditor input, systematically review Davis Police Department policies and procedures and analyze new or changed policies.
    • With Independent Police Auditor input, systematically review Davis Police Department training.
    • Provides input to the Independent Police Auditor on recommendations for improvements to Davis Police Department policy, procedure, and training.
  4. Review Independent Police Auditor Reports on Misconduct Complaints
    • Receive Independent Police Auditor reports on misconduct complaints.
    • Recommend, for the Independent Police Auditor’s consideration, further analysis of complaints or the complaint process.
    • Work with the Independent Police Auditor and Davis Police Department to promote ACR/mediation as a complaint resolution option.
    • Request further investigation by the Independent Police Auditor.
  5. Provide Input into Reports
    • Provide input to the Independent Police Auditor into reports, at least on an annual basis, to include information about: misconduct complaint investigations and trends; recommendations concerning improvements to Davis Police Department policy, procedures, or training; results of audits; and joint projects with the Independent Police Auditor, including community outreach.
  6. Assess the work of the Independent Police Auditor
    • Provide annual written input to the City Manager and the City Council on the effectiveness of the Independent Police Auditor.
  7. When time permits, respond to Davis Police Department requests for input on matters outside Independent Police Auditor/Commission priorities, such as commenting on new programs.
City Council Liaison

Lucas Frerichs and Gloria Partida

Staff Liaison

Kelly Stachowicz, Assistant City Manager

Number of Members

9 Regular (including one UCD student appointed by ASUCD) and 1 Alternate

Regular meeting Time & Place

First Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Chambers at City Hall, 23 Russell Blvd.

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