Downtown Plan Advisory Committee

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The Downtown Plan Advisory Committee completed its assigned duties in early 2020.  The Committee's recommendations on the Draft Downtown Davis Plan were presented to the City Council for further study and discussion.


The Downtown Plan Advisory Committee (DPAC) is a key component of community engagement in the Core Area Specific Plan (Downtown Davis Plan) update.

The DPAC has been appointed as a knowledgeable body which broadly represents a diversity of interests as well as the Davis community at large. The DPAC acts independently of the Planning Commission and City Council. DPAC members will reflect their personal insights and preferences, based on their experiences as members of the community, as well as their perspectives related to organized group they represent.

The DPAC's main functions are:

  • To review existing plans and other documents, background information, and public input.
  • To provide comments and feedback on (rather than prepare) drafts to City staff and the project consultants with the goals of creating documents which are responsive to community goals and aspirations.
  • To make recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council at key project milestones.
  • To communicate information about the project to others and encourage others to participate in the process.

See more information about the Downtown Davis Plan project.

Additional Information

Resolution No. 17-113 - Forming a Core Area Advisory Committee

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