Commission Handbook

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Over 120 citizens participate on boards, commissions, and committees to assist and advise the City of Davis City Council on various issues facing the Davis community. Boards, commissions, task forces and committees (referred to collectively as “city commissions”) have a critical role in the community.

Commissioners serve as a conduit for citizen input – a way of gathering, analyzing, and recommending options to the City Council, which has the final responsibility for making policy decisions. The work of a commissioner requires time, effort, and sometimes lengthy meetings. However, it also provides an opportunity to participate in the decision-making process and help shape the future of Davis.

The purpose of the City of Davis Commission Handbook is to introduce commissioners and community members to the role commissioners and commissions by outlining accepted practices. While attempting not to be overly restrictive, procedures are established so that expectations and practices can be clearly articulated to guide commissioners in their actions. The handbook:

  • Outlines the roles and functions of the City’s boards/commissions/committees;
  • Reviews important guidelines and expectations of appointed members;
  • Provides information about the history and composition of the City organization; and
  • Provides members with information necessary to understand areas of responsibility for their respective board, commission, or committee, and their role in serving the City.

The handbook provides a summary of important aspects of City government and commission activities. However, it cannot incorporate all material and information necessary for undertaking the business of commissions. Many other laws, plans and documents exist which bind the commissioners to certain courses of action and practices.

Download a copy of the Commission Handbook (PDF) (Updated February 2020)