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City of Davis, County of Yolo, and the University of California, Davis Memorandum of Understanding

The City of Davis, County of Yolo, and the University of California, Davis have agreed to a legally binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) on a series of shared goals and commitments to improve collaboration and partnership.

The terms of the MOU include a commitment to build more housing for students and a guarantee to house 100 percent of any new student enrollment growth on campus, a joint transportation plan and traffic improvement projects, the elimination of master leases in the City of Davis, and forming a stronger town-gown partnership through a variety of collaborative activities.

Regarding housing, the terms of the MOU require the University to grow the number of on campus beds available to students, starting with the University's 2018 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) baseline of 9,818 and building to at least 15,000 beds by fall 2023 (10,500 beds by fall 2019, and 12,500 beds by fall 2021). The University agreed to make a payment to the City and County of $500 for each bed not delivered within six months of the agreed upon dates. In addition, the University has committed to providing housing to cover any new enrollment in excess of that projected in the long Range Development Plan. Per an initial request from Chancellor May to the City, the City, County and University will create and publish an annual Joint Housing Report that will be issued by September 1, 2019 and annually during the life of the 2018 LRDP.

In addition to the formation of a partnership on many significant community issues, UC Davis also agreed to contribute $2.3 million for traffic improvement projects for a number of areas, including the Richards/1-80 interchange, County Road 98, Russell Boulevard bike path west of Highway 113, and the Russell Boulevard Corridor. The three entities will develop a joint transportation plan together, which will include how to improve bicycle and pedestrian experiences. UC Davis will initiate a working group that will include City representatives to plan for the future of Unitrans.

A number of partnership and collaboration activities to foster better town-gown relationships was also agreed upon. Senior officials from UC Davis, the City and County will participate in an annual public meeting to hear from the larger community. In addition, two high ranking representatives each from the University, City and County will meet at least twice during the first year of the agreement in an open meeting format. The University will also contribute funding annually to a rental resources program approved by the Davis City Council last year.

The University, City and County agreed to form a working group to discuss mutual opportunities and explore solutions to common challenges. In addition, UC Davis will conduct an economic and fiscal analysis of the University's impacts and benefits to the region, including to local governments.

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