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Looking for Housing?

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The City of Davis does not maintain a listing of apartments for rent or houses for sale. However, those looking for information on housing may find the following links useful:

Housing For Rent

Things To Consider When Picking The Perfect Rental

  • Location
    • How long does it take to travel to campus?
    • Is it close to a bus stop?
    • Can you walk/bike or is driving necessary?
    • How much is a campus parking permit?
    • Who are the surrounding neighbors, students or families?
    • What amenities/stores are nearby?
  • Safety
    • Are you and your belongings going to be safe and comfortable during the daytime/nighttime?
    • Do the windows have locks and doors have deadbolts?
    • Are there working smoke/carbon monoxide detectors?
    • Who has access to the house key and when were the locks last changed?
  • Responsibilities
    • Who is responsible for maintenance – the tenants or landlords?
    • Are any utilities included in the rental cost? Who is responsible for hooking them up and paying installation fees?
    • Has the unit recently been cited for a code violation such as a noise violation?
      • Code violation history is important to know because violations stay with the property, not the tenants. 
  •  Miscellaneous
    • Is the structure built to code, what is the current condition of walls, carpets, plumbing and electrical outlets?
    • Are amenities included – washer/dryer, furnished/unfurnished, fridge, stove.
    • Are pets allowed?
    • Be sure to read through the lease agreement thoroughly: 
      • What is the length of lease?
      • What is the security deposit amount?
      • What is included in the rent and how often is it due?
      • Is subletting allowed? If so, who is responsible for subletting?
      • Is a pet deposit required?
      • Are there penalties for code violations?

Beware of Scams 

When looking for rental housing, be alert for online home rental scams. Scammers will copy real estate listings from legitimate websites and re-post the information claiming to be the property owner. The Yolo County District Attorney advises potential renters to be aware of common real estate scam red flags:

  • The advertised rental rate is significantly lower than the typical rent for a home of that size;
  • The property’s representative is unable to meet with the renter in person, often claiming they are out of the state or country;
  • The “owner” asks for cash payment upfront or asks the renter to wire money, especially through Western Union or Money Gram.

Renters are advised never to give out financial information, and refuse background or credit checks, until you have met the homeowner in person. Before making deposits or payments, view the home in person.

For more information on real estate scams, please call 855-4-YOLO-DA or visit Check out the Yolo County District Attorney's press release on Housing Scams

Setting Up Utilities

If you are responsible for setting up utilities, here are some helpful contacts:

  • Gas and electricity supplied by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) – or 800-743-5000
  • Water, sewer and garbage – Note: Property owners are billed for the water, sewer and garbage fees, per. City of Davis municipal code (32.01.14033.04.04039.03.230). There are no regulations prohibiting landlords from passing on charges to their tenants.