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Annual Rental Resources Fee Update

  • Single Family (1-4 units) fees were billed on the January City Services Invoice.  The fee listed on the bill is titled “Rental Resource Fee” and totals $60* which includes:
    • $25 Single Family Business License fee. This fee has been charged to single family rental properties for years.
    • $15 Single Family Rental Program fee (new)
    • $20 Single Family Inspection Program fee (new)  *This was not applied to exempted properties per the Ordinance.
  • Multi-family fees were included on the annual business license renewal invoice.

Landlords are required to maintain their rental unit in a condition fit for the "occupation of human beings."

All single-family (1-4 units) and multi-family units are required to:

  • Register with the City and provide a local contact within 50 miles of Davis.
  • Prior to commencement of a tenancy and/or lease renewal of a rental unit, owner must provide tenant(s) with information regarding tenant rights and responsibilities on a form provided by or approved by the City. 
  • Within five business days of the commencement of a tenancy, the owner/agent and tenant(s) shall conduct an inspection of the property on a form approved by the City. 
  • Single-family (1-4 units) rentals will be required to participate in a random inspection program to ensure they are safe and habitable. Inspection component details: 
    • Inspections may occur on a periodic basis with random audits, if a complaint is received or at City staff direction.
    • The City will conduct a random compliance audit to determine if all required documents and fees have been completed and properly submitted or retained, including the registration form, the completed and signed move-in inspection form, and registration and inspection fees. The City may also verify that the property has no record of outstanding code violations. In the event the City determines that an Owner is not in compliance with any of these items as a result of a random compliance audit, the rental unit shall be inspected by the City.
    • In addition to the random compliance audits, the City will be authorized to conduct an inspection of rental properties at any time deemed necessary to assure compliance with all applicable state and local laws.
    • A Building Inspector will inspect interior and exterior conditions. The focus will be on identifying substandard conditions that do not meet minimum standards as established by state and local laws. The owner/agent and tenants may be present during the inspection.
    • If the inspection reveals any state and/or local code violations, the owner/agent will receive a Notice of Violation noting the items needing correction. If the property passes inspection, they will be issued a Rental Housing Inspection Certification.
    • The annual fee to cover costs associated with inspections is $20 per year, per single family rental unit. This is in addition to the registration fee noted below.
  • Annual fee to cover costs associated with registration, education and program services are:
    • Single family (1-4) units) per property fee: $15
    • Multi-family properties will pay on a graduated scale depending on the number of units. The amount listed is the total fee, not per unit.  3-10 Units: $20    11-19 Units: $50    20-49 Units: $75    50+ Units: $100
  • In addition to the fees above, there is an annual $25 Single-Family Business License fee. This fee has been charged to single family rental properties for many years and is not a new charge. 

The Rental Resources Program provides rental property owners with resources and education opportunities to be a successful and responsible landlord.

As part of our education component, the City of Davis and the Sacramento Rental Housing Association held a class for property owners/managers and apartment managers.

Security Deposit Basics for Landlords
November 14
Davis City Hall Chambers, 23 Russell Blvd.

The session was filmed and the video is available here.  Future classes to be announced.


Affidavit of Exemption from Rental Inspection Ordinance

Move-in/Move-Out Checklist

Tenant's Rights Form


California Tenants - A Guide to Residential Tenants' and Landlords' Rights and Responsibilities

California Apartment Association (CAA) is the nation’s largest statewide trade group representing owners, investors, developers, managers and suppliers of rental homes and apartment communities. CAA offers many products and services including up-to-date rental forms, low-cost resident screening services and inexpensive educational classes.

Fair Housing and Discrimination

Top Ten Tips for Landlords from

What Constitutes a Visual Blight

Yolo Conflict Resolution Center (YCRC) offers low cost mediation services.


Property owners are billed for the water, sewer and garbage fees, per. City of Davis municipal code (32.01.14033.04.04039.03.230). There are no regulations prohibiting landlords from passing on charges to their tenants.