One of the attractions of the City of Davis is that it still retains the beneficial qualities of a small college town with a unique and diverse living environment. In order to foster continued good community relations, the City is actively promoting Neighborhood Associations. The Community Partnership program was formed in 1998 to assist in the development of neighborhood associations to empower neighborhoods and provide community-based services. Based on experiences nationwide, neighborhood associations make for better and safer neighborhoods.

The City currently has 17 neighborhood associations. Each group has come together for different reasons. Neighborhood Associations form to address various issues, such as:

  • Future land development proposals
  • Park improvements
  • Owner occupancy vs. absentee landlords/renters
  • Code enforcement issues, such as abandoned vehicles, visual blight
  • Traffic/safety issues
  • Social activities

A Neighborhood Association is any group of area property owners and residents working together to open lines of communication in an inclusive and collaborative manner to address issues affecting their neighborhood. A neighborhood association can be whatever the neighborhood needs. The City requires associations to be inclusive of all property owners and residents within their boundaries. A neighborhood association is not a Home Owners Association. They have no legal powers or CC&R enforcement capabilities. They can collect dues as an option. However, they cannot be a condition of membership.