• What action can I take if my landlord refuses to refund my security deposit or I want to dispute the amount returned?
  • How long must I wait for the security deposit after I move out?
  • What can a landlord deduct from a security deposit?
  • Can a landlord refuse to extend my lease, renew my lease or change the terms of the lease renewal?
  • What steps can I take to avoid a future dispute over the return of my security deposit?
  • Is the landlord required to pay interest on the security deposit?
  • Can a landlord change the terms of a lease?
  • Can I paint the walls in my apartment, change the locks, remove or add landscaping?
  • What is required of a landlord before raising my rent?
  • What is the landlord required to provide the tenant if the tenant is forced to move out because of Health and Safety Code violations?
  • Can I sublet my apartment/house prior to the end of the lease?
  • How large of a security deposit can a landlord require?
  • What information can a prospective landlord ask for in an application?
  • Can a prospective landlord charge an Application Screening Fee?
  • Are Verbal Agreements Binding?
  • What is a non-refundable deposit? (i.e., fees, holding deposits)
  • How can I break a lease?
  • What is the maximum amount my landlord can charge for rent?
  • My landlord refuses to repair items in my rental unit? What do I do?
  • Can a landlord or manager enter a tenant’s rental unit without notice?
  • What procedures do I take to alter my rental unit to accommodate a disability?
  • Can a Landlord determine how many people can live in a unit/house?
  • I have just been served with a three (3) day notice. What do I do?
  • I believe that my landlord is trying to evict me because I asked for normal repairs. What can/should I do?
  • How can I determine whether I am experiencing discrimination from my landlord or a potential landlord? Can a landlord refuse to rent to students?

Fair Housing Services

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Providing Fair Housing Services to residents of the City of Davis.

City of Davis Fair Housing Services exists to provide assistance withEqual Opportunity Housing
monitoring and enforcing fair housing rights. Services provided include:

  • Fair Housing Resources to tenants and landlords.
  • Outreach and education through presentations and written
    information about Fair Housing Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Intake of Housing Discrimination Complaints; referral to the
    State of California Department of Consumer Affairs and Department
    of Fair Employment & Housing.

The City of Davis does not provide mediation services.  For low cost mediation services in Yolo County, please contact Yolo Conflict Resolution Center (YCRC) via their website at or call (530) 564-2324.

How to contact us:

By Email:
By Phone:
(530) 757-5623

Fair Housing Handouts

A note about mold: the California Department of Public Health has published guidance on what to do if you find mold.  This handout is available on their webpage, and is linked here.