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June 2019 - Citizen Initiative

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Initiative Petition

On June 17, 2019 the City Clerk's Office received a Notice of Intent to circulate a petition for an Initiative to Prohibit Public Parking Meters and Other Paid Parking Devices in Public Parking Areas in the City of Davis, Except in Parking Structures Outside the “Downtown Area,” and to Require the City to Provide Free Spaces for Automobile and Bicycle Parking in the “Downtown Area.”  The deadline for submitting signed petitions for verification is on or before December 27, 2019 (California Elections Code Section 9208).

December 27, 2019 Update

Initiative proponents did not file petitions by the deadline.  Therefore, the initiative does not proceed.

Campaign Disclosure Filings

For information on campaign disclosure requirements please visit the Financial Disclosures page. For information on campaign committees and to view completed campaign statement filings please visit the eCampaign public access portal.


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