Community of Interest Worksheet

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District Elections

Your input is needed to shape the new voting districts for the City Council, and one way you can participate is by assisting the City in developing a list of “communities of interest” or “COI” that can be utilized in the process to develop districts.  

What is a Community of Interest?
A Community of Interest is any cohesive group of people that live in a geographically definable area and should be considered as a potential voting block in current or future elections.

There are some communities of interest that are considered “protected classes” in that they have rights through state or federal civil rights or voting rights laws. Some examples of protected classes in districting would be ethnic and racial minorities such as a concentration of Latinx, Asian, or African American people. Protected classes can be described through public input, and there is information that must be used wherever applicable to define these areas and make sure that they are not being harmed by the district boundaries.

There are other COI that can also be considered in districting, but don’t have the higher legal requirements as ethnic or racial minorities. Identifying these other COI are still critical to the process.  These may be clusters of senior citizens in one community, a group of college students living in a densely populated area near a campus, people who live in the downtown area or a specific neighborhood, or even people who share concerns such as parents with young children, bicycle enthusiasts, topic interest group, etc.

You may fill out the online worksheet below, or download a print version of the worksheet:

Please complete the worksheet below to share your Community of Interest information with the City of Davis.

To have your comments included in the information used by the demographer, please submit them by October 20, 2019.

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