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City of Davis Makes Potholes a Priority

Post Date:February 11, 2020 11:39 am

The City of Davis announced today the official launch of its initiative “Pothole Patch 2020” to field customer requests for pothole repairs.

A dedicated four-person crew from the City’s Public Works Utilities & Operations Department will respond to customer-reported potholes daily and will scan the streets throughout town to proactively repair additional potholes.

These rolling repairs are done without significant traffic impacts. In the past two months, the pothole crew has proactively patched over 400 potholes, and the City wants to continue this work with the public’s help.

“We encourage Davis residents to reach out to the City about pothole locations,” said Mike Webb, Davis City Manager. “City staff wants to do all that it can to be responsive and repair our roads.” 

So What Is a Pothole, Anyway?
A pothole is created when cars drive over sections of damaged pavement, causing the damaged sections to break apart and form a hole. Potholes in Davis are fixed using cold-patch asphalt repair where a premixed asphalt is poured into the pothole or wide crack.  This is a quick, simple, and cost-efficient fix. The cold-patch asphalt repair materials that the City uses can be applied in wet conditions, allowing potholes to be fixed even in the winter when it’s raining.

Filling potholes will have a beneficial impact on the life of Davis roads. Water intrusion into roads is a significant contributor to road deterioration and filling potholes assists in preserving roadways.

When is a Pothole not a Pothole?
Not all roadway issues are potholes. Faulting, when there is a difference in the elevation across a joint of the roadway, or pavement failure, which is cracked, broken, depressed, or sunken pavement, may all look like potholes when you are driving, but they cannot be repaired in the same manner and at the same speed as a pothole.

Roadway issues reported to the City that are not potholes are catalogued and will be included in future roadway work, including the City’s annual pavement rehabilitation and slurry seal efforts.

You can report potholes and see how many have been repaired by going to the City’s website at:

To ensure that the City’s pothole crew can locate each pothole, when filing a pothole report please provide specific information whenever possible: approximate size, where the hole is on the roadway (use nearest intersection), and if there is a nearby landmark or address that can guide the team.

For more information or to report a pothole, please contact 530-757-5686 or

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