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Downed Trees and Yard Debris Guidelines

Post Date:October 28, 2019 4:30 pm

The City of Davis experienced a significant wind event during the night of Saturday, Oct. 26 into the day on Sunday, Oct. 27.  During this event, a large amount of debris from landscaping, trees, upturned collection bins and other sources collected in the streets, sidewalks and pathways around town.

Please call 530-747-5400 to report fallen city trees or wind related damage to public property.  If you have an emergency or need to report fallen power lines, please call 911.

With the winds calming on Sunday, City crews and contractors have been working around the clock to clean up debris, clearing the roadways and paths of travel. Residents have also begun putting out their yard material piles for the next scheduled pickup, which will occur next week beginning on Nov. 4, (more information on the current schedule can be found at; click on “yard material.”)  Due to weather conditions this week, yard material piles may be placed in the street at any time, regardless of your pickup day.

It is anticipated that the City will have another wind event on Tuesday afternoon or evening. The City is asking for the community to aid in preparations for the next wind event by placing as much of the yard debris as possible from around their yards (including small branches and leaves) into their brown-lidded organics carts.  Please place heavier materials (such as branches) on the top of yard material piles in the street to help hold leaves and other lightweight materials down when the wind picks up.

Given the size of branches that have been falling, we ask that residents be sure to chop up large branches so that the piles placed in the street are properly sized for collection (piles must be no larger than 5’x5’x5’). Branches and trunks larger than 8” in diameter cannot go into the organics cart or in yard material piles. Residents can use, sell or give these away as firewood, or (if they will fit) they can be placed in your trash cart.  Please assist neighbors that might not have the tools or skills to meet this unusual amount of yard debris.

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