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On-street Yard Material Pile Pick-up Schedule Changes Coming In October

Post Date:September 04, 2019 4:43 pm

The City of Davis announced today the on-street yard material pick-up service will be changing next month, beginning a new schedule with concentrated pick-ups during the “leaf drop” season in fall and winter.

On February 5, 2019, the Davis City Council approved modifications to the schedule for existing on-street yard material pile pick-up service. This schedule change was finalized and will go into effect in October. On-street pick-ups will now begin the week of the third Monday in October (there will be no on-street pile collection the week of October 7). On-street collection will continue every other week for 10 pick-ups through late February, and one pick-up will occur the week of the first Monday in May. 

By concentrating the pick-ups in fall and winter, the on-street collection can now be extended into January and February and will include disposal of Christmas trees and winter tree pruning.

Postcard notifications will be sent to customers with the new schedule and links to the City’s webpage for more information, including the 2019-2020 calendar for pick-ups.

In addition to the new schedule, the City has a new reminder tool. A notification system is available for customers to receive email alerts when their collection day is approaching. Go to and click on “Yard Material Collection.” Scroll down to below the map to enter your address, which will generate your pick-up day. Then, select your pick-up day from the pick-up days buttons and you will enter your email for the notification.

A downloadable calendar will also be developed soon for customers who prefer having notifications on their own calendars.

For additional information on yard material collection, visit or contact the Public Works Department at or 757-5686.

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