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Poem of the Month for September 2019

Post Date:August 26, 2019 11:42 am

I enjoy the corner where the streets of poetry and life intersect. I am always drawn to art that captures what is happening around us at the moment, and, as I have said here in earlier features, I love art and poetry that defines the place, the location where we live and spend our lives. This untitled poem was written last summer during the Paradise fire.

They say when you see starlight,
That those stars are already dead,
And have been for a long time.
2:30 am, the Sacramento Valley,
The night air is smokey, murky.
A forest fire rages 100 miles to the north
And the smoke has blanketed the valley.
Looking up, I can see the memory
Of a couple of determined stars
Peep out at me. The universe goes on.
Stars can die out and forests can burn
But we do go on. Being alive
Is like turning the pages in a book.
Just keep on reading, friend.
The end will come soon enough.

Also, I love poetry and art that holds onto a measure of hope. I hope this poem has done that.

James Lee Jobe
Davis Poet Laureate

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