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New Artwork on a Corner Near You!

Announcing the installation of 13 artist-designed vinyl prints to traffic control boxes around Davis

Post Date:May 23, 2019 2:43 pm

The City of Davis announced today the installation of the 2019 Think Outside the Box project, part of a continual effort to transform everyday public utilities into lively pieces of art. Thirteen different artists worked directly with the City of Davis to create designs that were transferred to vinyl and wrapped around a City of Davis traffic control box. Box locations include corners in front of City Hall, International House Davis and Davis Arts Center.

In the past, the City of Davis has carried out similar projects in which artists were commissioned to paint a utility box on site, and these pieces are located primarily around the city’s downtown neighborhood. This project began with a city map and an effort to place artwork around the city in a more geographically distributed fashion. The City plans to implement a second phase of this project next year. The Think Outside the Box project allowed artists to complete work from their own studios in a wide range of creative mediums including ceramics, mixed media collage, abstract digital art and graphic design. The City encouraged submission of artwork from artists who had not created public art in the past. Each selected artist received a $500 honorarium upon completion of their final design. Selected applicants were chosen based on their bodies of past work and proposals that showed strong potential to enhance the surrounding areas of the boxes.

“Projects like this provide a great opportunity to feature and celebrate local and regional artists in high-visibility locations,” said Mayor Brett Lee.

Following is a list of the participating artists and the location of their artwork:

  • Angela Tannehill -3rd & B Streets
  • Brian Alexander - Covell Blvd. & Sycamore Lane
  • Ianna Frisby - F & E. 8th Streets
  • Jennifer McGuire - Cowell Blvd. & Lillard Drive
  • Jessica Eastburn - Russell Blvd. & Sycamore Lane
  • Kent Smith - Covell Blvd. & Anderson Road
  • Kerri Warner - Russell Blvd. & Anderson Road
  • Lily Therens - Russell Blvd. & A Street
  • Melissa Uroff - Cowell Blvd. & Valdora Street
  • Phillip Hua - Russell Blvd. & College Park
  • Sandy Fong Whetstone - Cowell Blvd. & Drew Circle
  • Susan Silvester - Covell Blvd. & F Street
  • Will Durkee - Covell Blvd. & Pole Line Road
image of decorated utility box
Artwork by Angela Tannehill,
corner of 3rd & B Streets
image of decorated utility box
Artwork by Kent Smith,
corner of Covell Blvd. & Anderson Road
image of decorated utility box
Artwork by Lily Therens,
corner of Russell Blvd. & A Street
image of decorated utility box
Artwork by Sandy Fong Whetstone,
corner of Cowell Blvd. & Drew Circle

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