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City Launches Financial Transparency Tool - OpenGov

Post Date:March 14, 2019 5:52 pm

The City of Davis has announced a relaunch of OpenGov, a powerful interactive tool that provides visualizations of the City’s financial data in a user-friendly, graphic format. The City Council has a long-standing commitment to financial transparency. OpenGov supports this with a platform that is easier to understand than standard spreadsheets or financial reports. Davis residents now have enhanced ability to access, understand, and analyze the City’s annual budget and historical financial data.

The OpenGov tool is cloud-based solution for budgeting, performance, and citizen engagement. Users are able to view City financial data in the aggregate, or filter, and customize the data to view different departments, budget units, or revenue and expenditure types. Data can also be downloaded to Microsoft Excel or other formats.

“OpenGov gives community members more insight into how their taxpayer dollars are spent, and gives City staff easier access to data and a cloud-based platform featuring uses for budgeting and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report reporting,” said Davis Mayor Brett Lee. “This improved technology will allow us to streamline our budget development process, make enhancements in terms of innovation and improve collaboration across city departments.”

Councilmember Lucas Frerichs added, “Communicating and sharing complex financial data in an easy to use way is often a challenge. Static budget spreadsheets have their place, but they are not the best means of disseminating information out to our community. OpenGov’s web-based platform is an useful tool that allows the public to explore the city’s finances in a user-friendly way.”

"The City of Davis joins a growing number of governments across the country who are leading a movement towards financial transparency,” says Zachary Bookman, CEO and co-founder of OpenGov. "With the financial data readily available to residents and staff, the City is improving efficiencies and building trust and engagement in the community. That means citizens are getting the information they need, and it saves government’s time and energy that can be spent elsewhere.”

OpenGov Link:

Example Page - Citywide Expenses and Revenues

screen shot of a page from the opengov website

For more information, please contact Nitish Sharma, City of Davis Finance Director, at or 530-757-5651.

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