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City LED Park and Greenbelt Lighting Installation

In recent months the City has completed the replacement of nearly all of its 3,300 streetlights with longer lasting, more energy efficient LED fixtures. With only a handful of streetlights remaining to be installed in the downtown, the City is now beginning the last phase of its outdoor LED lighting project: replacement of 1,200 park and greenbelt lights.

The City’s contractor is scheduled to begin work in the City’s parks and greenbelts on Monday November 7, 2016 and complete installation by early December. The new LED lights are a warm color temperature (2,700 Kelvin), that are compliant with outdoor LED lighting guidelines recently published by the American Medical Association. The new fixtures feature sensor technology that allows for a high/low setting that adjusts light levels when there is activity near the lights. These “smart” lights are activated by heat rather than motion to minimize triggering by animals or trees blowing in the wind.

The City’s lighting choice was informed by public input gathered this past summer as well as technical guidance provided by the UC Davis California Lighting Technology Center, local lighting consultants Beyna/Burnett, and lighting manufacturer’s representative Associated Lighting Reps. This type of lighting has been used successfully on the UC Davis campus for several years and in the new Cannery Park neighborhood with no reported issues from residents.

The results are new lights that last three times longer, achieve more than 90% energy and GHG savings over the existing park and greenbelt lights, and pay for themselves through energy cost savings.

“These lights hit all the right notes: high quality lighting, cost savings, reliability, and significant reduction of energy use,” said Council Member Lucas Frerichs. “They are one more example of how practical, sustainable solutions deliver value to Davis and can be a catalyst for similar action in other communities.”

For more information, please contact the City of Davis Public Works Department at or 530-757-5686.

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