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Notice of Intent to Spray - Stormwater Utility Infrastructure

  • Date: March 27, 2020  (all day)
  • Location: Stormwater Utility Infrastructure (locations listed below)
    Davis, California 95616/95618

Notice: Spray notification to apply Telar XP, Round Up Custom and a Non Ionic Surfactant inside security fenced areas (not accessible by the public) at drainage stations. This allows us to maintain clear and safe areas around pumps and control systems that require a clear and debris free zone. Reduction of the weeds reduce risk of fire that could damage critical infrastructure.

Locations to spray:

Storm Drainage Station #1 at 2700 W Covell Blvd.
Storm Drainage Station #2 at 3131 F St.
Storm Drainage Station #3 at 1999 H St.
Storm Drainage Station #4 at 1919 2nd St.
Storm Drainage Station #5 at 1 mile South of I-80 at Causeway
Storm Drainage Station #6 at S/E side Richards undercrossing at the railroad tracks
Storm Drainage Station #7 at 2500 Road 99 D
Storm Drainage Station #8 at 1830 Shasta Dr. at Covell and Highway 113
Storm Drainage Station #9 at 2079 Cannery Loop

Pesticide: Telar XP, Round Up Custom and a Non Ionic Surfactant. 

Target Pests: Annual grasses and broad-leaf weeds

Methods Used and Strategies to Prevent Future Use: This is part of the overall integrated pest management of the site.  This well-timed application will decrease pesticide usage over time by preventing seed-set in the annual weeds and killing reproductive material in perennial plants.  This will result in smaller infestations over time, allowing mechanical techniques to be more effective.  In addition, Stormwater crews use the following cultural practices to prevent the need for chemical herbicide use:

  • Keep sites and stations maintained to prevent flooding of access areas and deposition of weed seeds.
  • Practice responsible vehicle access during wet months to prevent road damage and the need for repair work that is a vector for invasive species.
  • Clean and maintain all equipment before and after use to prevent the transfer of seeds and plant materials between sites and/or into sensitive areas.    

The areas will be posted with the intent to spray, and after application, as required in the city's Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program Policies and Procedures.

More information on the IPM Program, including the current Policies and Procedures guidance, can be found on the city's webpage: Integrated Pest Management

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