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Yard Material Pile Collection Day Is Next Week

  • Date: January 15, 2020  

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Wednesday, January 15 is a scheduled yard material collection day for your neighborhood. Starting Tuesday, January 7, excess leaves, brush and tree prunings that do not fit into the organics carts may be placed in the street for collection for next Wednesday, January 15. Please be sure to have your piles out on the street and ready for pick-up no later than 6 AM on your collection day.

As a Reminder - Yard Material Collection Rules:

  • Materials that are accepted in yard material piles: tree and shrub prunings (branches must be less than 8” in diameter), leaves, and Christmas trees.
  • Unacceptable materials include: grass clippings, weeds, vines, sod, soil, flowerpots, florist’s wire, stumps, vegetables, fruit, pet waste, and branches more than 8” in diameter. See for disposal options.
  • Your organics cart must be full before using the on-street yard material piles
  • Yard material piles may not be set out more than 7 days before a scheduled pick-up day.
  • Place yard materials directly in front of your property, not across the street or around the corner – the pile will not be picked up! 
  • Place yard material piles 18” from the curb or gutter. 
  • Yard material piles may not be larger than 5 feet in any direction. 
  • Please do not block fire hydrants, driveways or storm drain inlets with yard material piles. 
  • Be aware that yard material piles can create serious hazards for cyclists; please do not place piles in any portion of a bike lane. 
  • Do not park or drive over yard materials placed in the street for collection – if the pile cannot be reached it cannot be picked up! 
  • Do not place bagged yard materials in piles – leave yard materials loose in piles on the street. 
  • Do not leave trash in yard material piles. 

In some areas of town, yard material piles are not allowed as they will obstruct the bike lane or traffic lane. These areas include, but are not limited to: E 8th St. (from B St. to J St.), 5th St. (from A St. to L St.), B St. (from 7th St. to E 14th St.), Downtown Davis, and The Cannery. Properties in these areas that do not have access to on-street yard material pile collection do not pay for the service (they receive a credit on their utility bill).

More information on Yard Material Collection Service.

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