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Parking Permits

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 It's that time of year!

The Davis Police Department is happy to announce that beginning                  August 14, 2017, parking permits will be available for purchase ONLINE.

Here's what you need to know about Residential, Visitor, or X Commuter Permits:

2017-20178 Permits will no longer be sold at the Davis Police Department.

Permits will be sold Online Only, click HERE now to order.

With the exception of visitor permits, we will no longer issue physical permits (stickers &

placards). Permits will now be virtual and tied to your license plate.


Since X Commuter permits will be assigned to a specific license plates, they may no longer be

shared between vehicles.


For those who are interested, X Commuter permits can now be purchased on a month to month



If you do not have access to a computer or smartphone, a computer kiosk is available in the

police department lobby-staff will be happy to assist you with your online purchase.


2017-2018 Permits are not valid until 09/01/2017

If you need a permit prior to 09/01/2017, please come into the Davis Police Department                    to purchase.

Permit Prices for 2017-2018

Residential Permits (virtual): $15.25 Each              Visitor Placards (physical permit): $15.25 Each

Pricing for 2017-2018 X Commuter Permits:

$120 for the year (12 months from 9/1/17 to 8/31/18)

You have to option to purchase in monthly increments at $10 per month.

Parking Maps and Other Parking Information

Note: The parking structure located on 4th street next to the railroad tracks is privately owned and any parking citations issued at that location are serviced by Central Parking Services: (916) 441-1074.